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Flash News

In-depth analysis of latest developments in tax and business legislation

Company tax

General information on taxation in Latvia (Who pays tax & registration, What is being taxed, How to prepare returns and when to pay tax, Penalties for non-compliance, How to calculate tax liability)



Transfer Pricing

Legislation, Qualifying transactions, Calculation, Documentation, Tax audits and potential penalties



This section offers user-friendly information on personal income taxes: paid employment income, business income, non-taxable income, etc.


EU Corner

Information on the EU tax system and in the section ‘EU corner’ (Doing Business in Latvia, Coming to live in Latvia, Latvia the new EU member - how is she fitting in, Comparing Latvia with other Member States, Articles of issues raised, etc.)




Ability to send questions via MindLink




Information on the current events, publications or other activities of PwC and MindLink


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